An Honorable Man Into the Storm Book 3

Now, though, she needs Luke's help. He was left with nothing but a burning anger at the woman he blamed for his dismissal. Julianne cavanaugh had been gripped with guilt ever since, even though she'd been doing her job. Two years earlier, detective Luke McKinley had gone too far, and it had cost him his badge.

But she's hiding an ugly secret, and if Luke discovers it, he'll never forgive her. But the tough pi would toss her out of his office if he knew the whole truth. In spite of herself, as they work together, Julianne falls in love with the bitter former cop.

An Innocent Man Into the Storm Book 2

But will he be able to leave Sarah behind? Twelve years ago, connor macCormac roared out of the small town of Pine Butte on his motorcycle, vowing never to return. Connor is determined to expose Pine Butte's hidden secrets so he can put the past behind him and move on. A woman who seems to want him as much as he wants her.

He'd sworn he was done with Pine Butte and its citizen. But he hadn't counted on Sarah Wesley. The teenager he remembered has grown into a beautiful, accomplished woman. The town's bad boy had been accused of a despicable act, and everyone believed he was guilty. Now he's back, and to her shame, Sarah Wesley is still infatuated with the brooding loner – the man who abandoned her sister to die.


The Dark Side of the Moon Into the Storm Book 4

Disturbing things are happening in the small town of Eagle Ridge. A serial killer is preying on single women, and Police Chief Holt Adams has appointed himself Tory's keeper. Although tory is drawn to Holt, she realizes he's hiding secrets. Can she trust holt? Or will she pay the ultimate price for her trust?

As the violence escalates in Eagle Ridge and Tory and Holt grow closer, Tory is forced to make a decision. Veterinarian tory Holt had come here seeking sanctuary after her life in Chicago fell apart. But the violence she'd escaped has followed her to northern Wisconsin.

Family on the Run Into the Storm Book 5

With their lives at stake, can they learn to trust each other and work together? Chase remington had been hired to rescue a woman and her baby from the war-torn country of San Marcos. Besides saving baby paolo, she has an agenda in Sam Marcos, and she doesn't want Chase to get in her way. But to rescue paolo and get vital intelligence to the CIA, they're forced to work together.

As they race through the jungle, trying to stay one step ahead of their pursuers, long-simmering desire bursts into flames. A simple job for the former army ranger and CIA agent – until he discovers that Paloma is dead and the woman who once betrayed Chase is caring for the baby. Andi mcginnis is equally unhappy to see Chase.


To Save His Child Into the Storm Book 1

He'd miss lexie, but the former Seal told himself that he and Lexie would both get over it. They'd been completely wrong for each other – in all but one way. Eleven months later, when lexie's father asks Caine to rescue his daughter from the civil war in San Rafael, he barely recognizes Lexie. The mercenary had been called in for an urgent mission in the middle of the night.

Caine o'roarke regretted vanishing into thin air and leaving Lexie Hollister asleep in his bed – but he had no choice. And she has a child. The former party girl has grown up, and she's the only nurse in a small village. His child. Will caine be able to save the woman he hasn't been able to forget? Will Lexie be able to forgive him for disappearing? And will they be able to survive the jungle and figure out how to create a family?


The Fugitive Bride Cameron Cowboys Book 4

But that doesn't stop her from falling hard for the enigmatic man whose tough, gruff exterior hides a loving heart. When shea's secret and Jesse's deception blow up in their faces, all bets are off. After he talks his way into a job on his suspect's ranch, he spends as much time as possible with Shea McAllister, determined to catch her in the act.

And the secret she's hiding means she needs to keep her distance from Jesse. But once he gets to know sexy, charismatic Shea, all his training, all his rules, vanish like dust in the Utah wind. Shea knows better than to mix business with pleasure – she's been burned before. Will two wounded people find a bridge across the deep abyss standing between them?

Acting on a tip, fbi agent jesse Coulton arrives in Cameron to investigate a woman accused of smuggling criminals into the country.

Trust Me The Donovan Family Book 4

So it was up to Raine to make him pay. When detective connor donovan answers a call about a trespasser outside Northrup's house, he finds a woman running down the street. She has a plan to deal with Northrup, and she can't get involved with a cop. And he's wildly attracted to her. Raine needs to stay away from Connor.

Connor quickly realizes Raine is his mysterious trespasser. But like two magnets drawing together, she can't resist him. Raine isn't his usual criminal – she's a schoolteacher who coaches a tae-kwon-do team of under-privileged girls. When he tries to stop her, he's left holding her hoodie as she strikes out like a ninja then vanishes like smoke.

Can connor help her find justice for Genie? Or will her sister's killer claim another victim before they can stop him? She knows genie's husband strangled her and left her in an alley – Peter had been threatening to kill his wife for years. The police said there was no proof Peter Northrup killed Genie.

Now he has to figure out why she was outside Northrup's house at three A. M. Raine taylor has one goal – justice for her murdered sister.

Cover Me The Donovan Family Book 5

But when secrets put them both in danger, will they have each other's back? Or will their quarry divide and conquer them before they can find their way to happily ever after? Which is exactly what they have to pretend to do. After an incident that forced her to transfer from her district and isolated her from her fellow cops, Cilla knows relationships with cops are off the table.

But she's spent far too much time thinking about Brendan since he pulled her over for speeding. He's intrigued by cilla, but his sister told him that Cilla doesn't date cops. Now, not only are they working together, they have to pose as a couple to find the source of the sex drug that's already killed several men.

As the action heats up, Cilla and Brendan don't have to pretend they want each other. So when he's assigned to an undercover job to ferret out the supplier of a new and deadly sex drug, he's thrilled. His partner is cilla Marini, a detective he'd met recently during a traffic stop. Brendan loves a challenge.

Cilla is shocked to find out that Brendan is her mystery partner. Chicago cop brendan Donovan loves the adrenaline rush of his role on a tactical team.

Catch Me The Donovan Family Book 9

So he does the next best thing – shoots a video of the attack. He assumes he'll hand it over and be done with the case. But the father of the attacker is a wealthy, powerful man who doesn't like to lose. When chicago bearcats baseball player Sam Marini witnesses a brutal confrontation outside a bar, he can’t help the victim.

But when the investigating detective is Julia Carleton, a woman he'd met at his sister's wedding, he can’t walk away. Julia, hides dark secrets, however, and can't get involved with Sam. As they work together to ensure justice, their simmering attraction heats to combustion. When dean kirby grows more and more desperate to protect his son, the threats against Sam and Julia escalate.

Julia vows to protect sam, but can she keep her heart safe? Choosing him means risking the job that means everything to her.

Protect Me The Donovan Family Book 6

But her captain convinces her that successfully protecting Finn will look very good on her record when promotion decisions are made. Finn isn't the arrogant, egotistical actor Mia expected. There's more than meets the eye when it comes to the 'most hated man in America', Finn's nickname since he cheated on his girlfriend, a beloved pop star.

So, reluctantly, she takes the assignment. Police officer mia donovan is studying for the detective's exam when her captain offers her an assignment – be Finn O'Rourke's personal bodyguard for the next three weeks. He's in town to film a movie, he has a stalker, and the threats are escalating. Margaret watson, a star in the world of contemporary romance, grabs you on the opening page and keeps you reading to the happily ever after.

New york times bestselling author Susan Elizabeth Phillips. But his stalker is lurking and the threat is escalating. Although mia's feelings for Finn are growing, her job is to protect Finn, not fall in love with him. Mia isn't interested – she's focused on the looming exam.

Cowboy with a Badge Cameron Cowboys Book 3

And keeping an eye on carly is no problem for Dev – in fact, it's hard to keep his eyes off her. But the more time carly and Devlin spend together, the more the lines between duty and love blur. Carly fitzpatrick is determined to find justice for her murdered brother. Using her job as a reporter as a cover, she returns to her childhood home in Cameron, Utah to dig into the past.

Her number one suspect? The McAllisters, owners of the ranch where her brother was killed. Sheriff devlin mcallister is suspicious and wary – she said she was there to write about the town's tourist possibilities, but she's asking a lot of questions about the past and spending too much time digging into the newspaper's archives.

As danger ratchets up, will Carly seek revenge, or love? He'll find out what's going on – that's his job.